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    The name “Perseverance DX Group” originated during a planning session for The Mellish Reef 2014 DX-pedition. Several of the founders were together on a DX-pedition to New Zealand’s Campbell Island, a Sub-Antarctic outpost 700 kilometers south of New Zealand.
    Our boat was anchored in Perseverance Harbor during the expedition. It seemed appropriate to use the name of a harbor that requires one’s perseverance to withstand the wind, rain and wildlife. The harbor was named in 1810 after the ship (the sealing brig Perseverance). Its captain was Fredrick Hasselborough, the Perseverance was owned by Robert Campbell of Sydney, Australia, thus the name Campbell Island.
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    Who we are?

    • We are an international group of amateur radio operators.
    • We come from America, Hungary, Australia and Germany
    • We welcome amateur radio operators, worldwide, to participate in our projects
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    Mission statement

    The Perseverance DX Group (PDXG), founded in 2013, was established to support high frequency DX operations - on all bands / modes - to rare and semi rare DXCC entities, worldwide. By bringing together amateur radio operators from around the world we will pursue excellence in DX operating and encourage global cooperation in all aspects of DXing.

Goals of PDXG

 Perseverance logo no backgroundThe goals of the Perseverance DX Group are to:

  • bring together worldwide amateur radio operators by sponsoring and conducting DX-peditions
  • educate amateur radio operators in the art of working rare and semi rare DX
  • create multinational DX-pedition teams that allow people from different countries / cultures to work together and to better understand one another
  • support the DX Code of Conduct
  • give back to the host country, whether through education, environmental management, or supporting projects unique to the locale
  • act as goodwill ambassadors when interacting with host country citizens, radio related or not
  • work with local amateur radio societies and clubs to create lasting relationships, where applicable
  • treat all suppliers and sponsors with respect by doing business in a fair, equitable and professional manner
  • maintain the highest of standards and integrity in our operation and communication


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